Quite frankly, on Friday, Oct 13th, we will have officially ended the first week of WW3. With the Beyond Stupid actions of Israel against the Gaza Strip, this is guaranteed to escalate. The only question is how soon, and how much. After people begin to sort out what happened on Oct 7th, the overriding question is going to be: "How was the Mossad caught completely by surprise?" Already, a lot of people are not buying it. The Arabs especially are not buying it, thank God.

I think the Powers-That-Be have miscalculated badly with their Plandemic and Quaccines. Their credibility is now thoroughly shot in both the European and Arab/Muslim worlds, and the sheeple are not going to soak up the Fear Porn as they have in the past. But that, of course, will not prevent the intelligence agencies from staging another 9-1-1. Although this time, I suspect, they will have the fakery on a much more sophisticated level.

They have been pushing for a police state for years, but I think their window of opportunity closed in 2012. A lot of people do not trust the cops anymore, and a lot of cops are beginning to realize that the days of bullying the sheeple are over. In my parts, too many of the deputies and regional cops have already been disposed of, and a lot more know they have targets on their backs. (Traffic stops are way... way down.)

What I think they are gunning for (pun intended) is a Civil War. That they are going to get, in spades.

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You make a lot of great points!

Being honest, there is so much crazy, chaotic, unpredictable, irrational, and wild shit going on, that it's hard to separate the wheat from the chaff.

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Our Lady of Fatima will keep you over the target. Regards.

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