Great analysis, given the Lamestream Media narrative, and, yes, this is virtually guaranteed to escalate and, yes, this is to WW3 what the invasion of Poland was to WW2, and the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand was to WW1.

But the thing to keep in mind here, is that this is all scripted, and has been for years and years. If you look on the license plate of Archduke Ferdinand's car, it is all there- A111118. That is to say: Armistice Nov 11th, 1918.

At the very top, there are no adversaries here. Just as in WW2 Roosevelt, Stalin, Churchill and Hitler all got their marching orders every morning along with the newspaper and a fresh bottle of milk (how things have changed), now Biden (does anybody really think that clown is in charge?), Putin (still looks respectable), Zelensky (another total clown), Chi (just a paid puppet) and the rest of the crew get their marching orders via e-mail and FaceBook feed.

The Sheeple on all sides- the Al-CIAda, and the Nodding Yahoos and the their Amen Corner, are just attuned to their particular narrative, with very few ever being able to comprehend the Big Picture.

Just consider how Ukraine Theatre started out with a bang and then just cooled down to Days of Our Lives. Just look at how they have been setting up the Grand Chessboard in the Far East for years (just as they did prior to Pearl Harbor). This has all been scripted, just like the Covid Plandemic, and if people cannot understand how all of this is related, and all one overarching psy-op, then they have not been paying attention.

They have been building up the current tensions in Gaza for years. Quite some years back, Israel bombed Gaza using White Phospherous, and the blowback was considerable. Gaza has been stocked with women and children exactly so that the coming horror will be augmented. Egypt, with a population sympathetic to Gaza, has a puppet government run by Nodding Yahoos, or at least in their employ. And meanwhile all those groups you mentioned, from the Taliban on down, are either malinformed chumps (AKA useful idiots), or on the CIA/Mossad payroll. Truth be told, the average Israeli will be extremely reluctant to participate in a Ground War, and even members of the IDF are questioning how "terrorists" could just waltz (in some cases, quite literally) past all the surveillance and into Israeli settlements.

Meanwhile, I don't care WHERE you are in the world- if you are in a big city, or suburbia, or the center of any sizable town, you might as well paint a big target on your back because, in one form or another, WW3 is coming to your neighborhood.

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I love option 2, but with a twist! The US sends in our top secret (sorry to break their cover!) 420 Airborne, Tranny Brigade. this includes over 100,000 of the best dressed trannies on the planet! Although we are ostensibly offering them to Israel to assist against Hamas, and the half million sub 7 year old Palestinian kids, once the Tranny Brigade begins break dancing, faggot Israeli troops, will be forced to bugger them, giving the Palestinian pre-teens, just what they need to kill the degenerate beasts with two backs! We, get dual returns, dead jews, dead trannie. Ancillary benefits include traumatized Palestinian kids, who may grow up to be faggots, slowing down their birth rates to match our glacial pace, given our whamen are too busy making OlnyFan vidz to be bothered raising children!

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